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Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer almost over

Only like 2 weeks left, makes me a sad panda :(. My birthday is next week though, that's kinda sweet. Hopefully I get a 3DS so I can play OoT for the millionth time >_>


  1. I got 3 Week HAHAH... oh gawd why school whyyyy.

  2. Well, the time has come to put comfort aside. Make the best of it and hand summer over -- if not with a smile, then at least with resolve. Believing they are against you would be letting them take it from you; so, hand your "self" over to them willingly. They are always trying to say "we do this because we care about you," right? Well FUCK that. Turn them over on their asses by showing that YOU care about THEM.

    Happy birthday in advance! and happy August!

  3. Happy birthday in advance dude!